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With the recent outbreak of measles on the rise across the country questions about immunization requirements have become a hot topic of debate.

At present no cases of measles have been reported in New Hampshire in this recent outbreak, but how likely is that to change? According to a recent story by WMUR's Josh McElveen, Health officials attribute New Hampshire’s clean health record largely to an immunization rate that is among the highest in the country. (published 2/4/15, www.WMUR.com).  The State Department of Health and Human Services, indicates more than 97% of school age children in New Hampshire have received the state required immunizations for diseases ranging from the measles to polio.

So what is the law regarding immunization of children in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire requires mandatory vaccination for children attending School or daycare in New Hampshire, with two permitted exemptions: religious and medical. The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services website www.dhhs.nh.gov details New Hampshire's mandated vaccinations and provides guidance as to the standards for medical and religious exemption.

Medical exemptions are available to parents or legal guardians of a child for whom immunization against a particular disease may be detrimental to the child's health. In order to obtain a medical exemption certificate the parent or legal guardian must acquire written documentation from a licensed physician or authorized healthcare provider that certifies that immunization against a particular disease may be detrimental to the child's health. The exemption shall exist only for the length of time, in the opinion of the physician; such immunization will be detrimental to the child. Moreover, an exemption from immunization for one disease shall not affect other required immunizations. In other words, an inability to undergo one particular type of immunization does not automatically entitle a child to an exemption from all immunizations across the board.

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New Hampshire is preparing to implement the New Hampshire Health Protection Program (NHHPP) that will help provide access to health care coverage to Granite Staters who may have never had insurance before. As the program gets closer to launching, the Department of Health and Human Services is hosting a number of information sessions to talk directly with individuals around the state about exactly what the program means.

For those interested in getting more information regarding the NHHPP, and would like an opportunity to speak with individuals involved from the Department of Health and Human Services, please RSVP to one of the events below:

Meeting Schedule:

·       Keene, Thursday, June 12, Keene Public Library, 60 Winter St., 5:30-7 pm

·       Laconia, Monday, June 16, Laconia Middle School, 150 McGrath St., 5:30-7 pm

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New Hampshire is Number One

Not surprising to those of us who proudly call New Hampshire home, our great state was ranked number one in the nation according to Politico Magazine.

Politico averaged state rankings from 14 different categories, drawing from "reputable" sources like the census bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FBI, and considering factors such as high school graduation rates, per capita income, life expectancy and crime rate. The result was a master list ranking of all 50 states, and NH sits at the top of the list with the #1 ranking.  The article can be found on Politico's website.

Our neighbors also fared well with Vermont at #3, Massachusetts at #5 and Maine coming in at #4 in the nation.

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