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Department of Labor Workplace Injury FAQ Part Two

From the New Hampshire Department of Labor official website.

How long is my claim open? 

Medical bills related to your injury remain the responsibility of the carrier as long as treatment is required. There are certain time limits for indemnity benefits depending on the circumstances of the case. See RSA 281-A:31.

How soon does Workers' Compensation start?

Workers' Compensation starts on the fourth day of disability (subject to a three day period). The waiting period is waived if the disability continues for 14 days or longer or if an employee returns to temporary alternative employment within five days.

If I return to light duty, can my employer reduce my rate of pay?

Yes, but you may be entitled to receive a partial benefit from the insurance carrier in addition to your reduced wages.

Is Workers' Compensation taxable?

No, but any questions pertaining to reporting, etc., should be directed to the IRS.

What are my rights and responsibilities?

See employee benefits for benefits payable under Workers' Compensation and also refer to the New Hampshire Administrative Rule Chapter Lab 503 Responsibility of All Parties and the New Hampshire Administrative Rule Chapter Lab 507 Responsibilities of Employees

What type of light duty job can my employer offer me?

The position offered to you under light duty must be meaningful employment within the restrictions set by your physician.

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Department of Labor Workplace Injury FAQ Part Two

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