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Do You Have Work-Life balance? Your HR Rep Thinks So

This blog is the second in a four part series examining technology and the changes it has wrought on the American workplace and American employees.

More than two thirds of all HR professionals think that their employees enjoy balanced lives, but nearly half of all employees disagree. Where does this disconnect come from? The 24/7 connectivity facilitated by mobile technology, and the resulting ability to work remotely, have blurred the lines between work and personal time. As a result, employees feel like they’re working more. 

Modern technology and an evolving understanding of work productivity are changing both employees and employers view of work life balance. With near universal access to smart phone technology in the United States, employees are capable of staying connected and productive even while outside of the office. While this enables a greater degree of work flexibility, it can also drive employees to spend large portions of their personal time working. 

How to strike a work life balance in this new environment is a tough question, and unsurprisingly, employers and employees see the challenge differently. While mobile technology can facilitate flexible working schedules, it also means work is never farther than the cell phone in your pocket.

There have undoubtedly been changes in the work-life structure in recent years, and for now, employees and employers look at the current arrangement from distinct perspectives. Many employees spend 10 and 20 hours a week working during “personal time”, and the ability to work flexibly is lagging behind the current reality of work-life balance.

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