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Why Do Employees Quit?

A recent survey of employees around the world looked into the top reasons employees quit their jobs, and uncovered some interesting results that cross the globe—employees are most likely to quit their jobs over concerns around compensation and the potential for advancement.

The top 5 reasons employees leave their job in the United States are:

Minimal Wage Growth (78%)Lack of opportunity to advance (75%)Excessive overtime hours (72%)A work environment that doesn’t encourage teamwork (66%)A boss who doesn’t allow you flexibility (66%)

Particularly among millennials, who are now beginning to enter management roles, flexibility is a key consideration in employment. This group of workers represents the future of the global economy, and according to this study, while they want flexible work opportunities; they feel that their employers view flexible working as slacking off.

The new focus on flexible working is important for employers to understand because talented employees represent companies’ most important asset. With the rise of mobile technology and connectivity, the workplace is changing, as we’ve written before. Employers would be wise to take note of their employees’ feedback on this issue as a low impact way to retain young talent.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia user Jacklee under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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