Free Telephone Consultation for Injury Cases

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Free Telephone Consultation for Injury Cases

Employment Law - New Hampshire

Whether you have suffered as a result of wrongful termination, discrimination or unfair treatment in the workplace, you may be in need of an employment lawtyer. Rice Law Office, PLLC offers smart, sensible and cost-effective legal solutions for our clients. While some cases require litigation, others benefit from knowledgeable and experienced medition. Therefore, in addition to litigation services, we offer employment consultation with answers to questions about contracts, severance or work place rights.


Click below to learn more about how Rice Law Office, PLLC can help you with different types of employment law cases.

Harassment and Discrimination: Employment laws in New Hampshire specify that employers cannot discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, pregnancy, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or marital status. 

Mediation - An attorney that is experienced in negotiation and mediation can minimize time, cost and stress associated with employment law trials.  

Severance and Contract Termination - Understand your rights and let Rice Law Office, PLLC fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Wrongful Termination - If you have been fired illegally, we can help. 

Employment Consulting - Rice Law Office, PLLC is available for all legal business matters, ranging from training employees, reviewing employee handbooks, maintaining compliant files, contract reviews, termination issues and other business requirements. 

Call Rice Law Office, employment lawyer, Laconia, NH at (603) 528-5299, or contact us here.

Anne Rice,